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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 18, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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storms churning in the at llant. hurricane maria just strengthened to a category 4 and strengthens puerto rico with its growing force. i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. we have live team coverage starting with nbc 10 meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and jose's threat on the shore. glenn? >> even though the center of the storm will stay off shore, hurricanes are pretty large and they can extend over hundreds of miles and that's why we're going to be seeing some of that impact at the coast. we're getting some of the clouds right now and you can see the center of it pretty clearly. thunderstorms just firing up near the center. that proves to me that it's still a tropical system as it moves into colder water. that may change and there's the outer band with the heaviest rain. this is the direction that it's moving so it will be getting closer to the coast at about 200
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miles off shore will be the closest that the center will be going. even with that, we'll get serious impacts at the shore, especially the coastal flooding. delaware beaches, the dangerous rip currents is going to continue through thursday morning. it's going to take a while for the ocean to calm down. beach erosion should be the biggest issues. and the computer forecast pretty much in agreement, it's moving to the north, not moving toward the coast. then it moves to the northeast and so it doesn't even hit cape cod directly. it gets close. then it continues farther out and you would think that would be the end of it but not with this weather pattern. you see several models showing some kind of a curve back in our direction. of course, the question is how far back toward the east coast would it go. you see, the computer models are
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all over the place once we get to this weekend. so we're pretty clear on it for the next several days. after that, some questions. we have a tropical storm watch in effect for the jersey shore and the delaware beaches with gusts to over 40 miles an hour possible with this particular storm. we'll talk more about the hour by hour impacts coming up in just a few minutes. taking a look at cape may right now, the choppy surf was causing hazards on the shore for beach goers. jersey reporter ted greenberg is live. flooding is the concern there? >> reporter: erin, this evening, emergency managers are urging people in flood-prone areas to move their cars to higher ground and to secure anything that could become airborne. >> and so i put everything in as best i could.
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>> reporter: dee's outdoor furniture is out of the elements before jose kicks up the wind around her house in north wildwood. >> the umbrellas become a projectile and i don't want them hurting someone and the table would blow away. >> reporter: longport public work crews with the same idea today pulling trash cans off the beach. another concern along the coach, four rounds of minor to moderate tidal flooding through wednesday with the highest water potentially coming during tuesday evening's high tide. one of john's boats now out of the bay at his shorehouse in west wildwood. the delaware county man is not taking any chances with jose. >> i came down this morning and pulled the boat and i'm going to put some furniture away and move my other boat. i'll move it over to my brother's house. he's in a lagoon and it's safer than where i am at. >> reporter: the storm's power
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making waves bigger and rougher. >> the ocean looks really fierce to me. >> reporter: north wildwood crews moving sand to beef up dunes battered by the effects of irma. jose expected to bring more pounding surf and beach erosion. >> it's sacrificial but when the storm comes rolling in, that sacrificial sand hopefully will be the sand that goes and not our dune infrastructure. we could see that first round of coastal flooding with this evening's high tide around 7:00 here on the ocean and one to two hours on the back phase. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. breaking news concerning another hurricane. in the past ten minutes, hurricane maria upgraded to a category 4 storm and it's expected to leave a path of destruction. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klei has the latest.
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krystal? >> you can see it strengthening to now a category 4. it's only 45 miles to the it's going to pass the leeward islands and then it starts a projection towards puerto rico. take a look at our tuesday, early a.m. hours through wednesday a.m. hours. a category 4 heading to puerto rico. then from wednesday through about thursday in the early a.m. hours, still with winds around 155 to around 145 miles per hour, it looks like over puerto rico it could be anywhere in this cone but the center line shows a possible landfall. this continues to track along to the west and then starts to hook to the north, possibly going to a category 3 over the weekend but moving over the exact islands that were impacted by irma not too long ago. this is actually the path from irma.
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you can compare the two and see that it's the very close situation and that means many islands that were impacted previously will be seeing impacts again. >> and you can track these hurricanes in realtime anytime. download the free nbc 10 app. fighting the opioid crisis. today, governor chris christie says he took a major step forward in battling the addiction epidemic. cydney long says this could save lives. >> reporter: that is correct. the goal and the game plan is to save lives but also to prevent addiction in the first place by developing nonaddictive and nonthreatening painkillers that would mean that pharmaceutical companies would come together to work as a team instead of competitors. a new strategy on a different kind of war, one that aims to
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wipe out opioid-related drug addiction and death. >> this is no longer someone else's co-worker or someone else's community or kid. >> reporter: kellyanne conway along with governor christie and seven pharmaceutical companies joined hands. >> more people are dying now of opioid overdoses than died of hiv/aids back in the late 1980s. >> reporter: they made a pact to do two things. donald trump a nonopioid painkiller. >> it's to help develop additional medication assisted treatment. >> reporter: it calls for pharmaceutical companies to share secrets and unlock compounds. 64,000 haeroin-related deaths last year. >> can you imagine the people in
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this country knowingly putting up with 17 9/11s a year in terms of loss of human life. >> it has affected the whole family. >> reporter: she fears her daughter will become one of those statics. >> it's heartbreaking to see her in that condition and i know she can do better. >> make no mistake, this is hard. if we had found an easy way to treat opioid addiction, that would have happened already. >> reporter: now, today's trenton round table is part of fed trump's commission on combatting the heroin crisis. some of the pharmaceutical giants are under both state and federal probes of alleged false advertising of painkillers and when asked about it, christie says we need to leave it to the judicial system. cydney long, nbc 10 news. an 8 and 9-year-old girl were lured by a man on the side
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of feasterville road and tried to get them into his car. it happened at 4:00 on sunday on park lane. the man drove a silver suv and had a woman in the front seat. the girls got away unharmed. and the search continues for a man who tried to lure away women in northeast philadelphia six different times. the incidents began last tuesday and wednesday in the somerton area. the man tried to lure people with money and a camera. he struck again on thursday and friday near harding elementary school. no children were harmed. here is a look at the suspect's car. this photo was taken on the 5300 block of gillespie street. the witness has a small tattoo on his right forearm, possibly of a dragon. this just in, schools in the district will be closed tomorrow for a second straight day because of a teacher strike.
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>> what's my name? >> teachers hit the picket line this morning. they've been working without a contract since january. some 5,000 students affected by this. there are no negotiations scheduled. in bucks county, police are still looking for the man who stormed into a pizza restaurant last week and demanded cash. the owner said he opened the safe, handed over the money. when the man threatened to shoot his employees. the police think the same suspect held up a perkins restaurant earlier in the summer. there is a suspected allergy medicine thief. they say the man you see here took a large amount of over-the-counter allergy medicine and left without paying for it. if you know who he is, call police. in center city, a traffic detour is in effect for a stretch of 38th and 40th streets.
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traffic is detoured to baltimore avenue. the project will wrap up september 29th. and speaking of septa, the eagles homeowner is soon. if you plan on heading to lincoln financial field to see the game, sepa is offering free transportation only. the game kicks off at 1:00. many consider it a campus crisis. college hazing. >> what to look for at your child's school. and new surveillance video that shows the moem before a deadly bus crash. the one thing investigators are reviewing very closely. plus, why it's now easier for delaware first responders to save lives during overdose emergencies. and bracing for the storm. we're going to take you live to puerto rico where people are preparing for the hurricane's arrival.
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that's next at 5:00.
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right now president trump is on the world stage ahead of his highly anticipated speech to the u.n. general assembly tomorrow. this will be the president's first major address to other world leaders and can really set the tone for u.s. foreign policy moving forward.
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the president has criticized the staff in the past and urged for reform. >> the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. >> the president is expected to talk about how u.n. members should work together while still looking out for themselves and maintaining a sense of accountability. a researcher is predicting the plan to end the government program daca could cause a public health crisis. those findings are in an article in the new england journal of medicine. it said daca was not designed to be a mental health program but it's had a positive impact so by reversing it would cause a negative toll. it carves out a path for citizenship for immigrants brought here as children. there was a mishap that
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caused cl cause acid to be leaking from a plant. hazardous crews cleaned up the scene. right now at 5:00, we're tracking hurricane jose as the storm moves closer and closer to the east coast. just look at the size of it. jose's already having an impact on our local beaches, too. a live look at cape may on the left. clouds rolling in and dangerous surf. on the right side, you see virginia beach where jose is bringing dark skies and choppy waves. >> in puerto rico, people are bracing for yet another hurricane. maria now a category 3. reporter brian mendoza of our sister situation just arrived in puerto rico where people are preparing. hey, brian. >> reporter: in this busy
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supermarket, people are preparing for hurricane maria, doing their last minute shopping expecting the worst. >> i got up early and went to walgreens and bought lots of water and now i'm buying more stuff. >> reporter: around the island, residents and businesses are preparing in different ways. boarding up windows, setting up generators and preparing for the storm. >> i put gas in the car, i got water and put up the shutters. >> hurricane maria is expected to be a powerful storm. that's why classes have been canceled and some flights have already been canceled as well. but even through this time of worry and uncertainty, they are trying to maintain positive thoughts. >> i survived irma in florida and i will be okay, i hope. >> reporter: there's a major concern here on the island but
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everyone is hoping for the best. >> having seen what the other storms have done devastationwise, brian, thank you. look at our weather here in philadelphia. it's a windy day in the city. clouds from jose are noticeable. the winds, also. you can feel it out there. >> krystal klei is tracking the impact that we're going to feel across the shore and across the entire valley. >> that's right. you'll feel maybe a small impact from jose or a bigger impact along our coastal points. this is a look at radar and satellite. you can see clouds spread across the area. outer bands move across the sky. this is from the southeast and we can take a wider view. you can see the center of the storm itself. now a few hundred miles away and we are going to start to see that rain creep our direction as early as tomorrow morning. let's talk about the computer model forecast.
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they are in good agreement through tuesday and wednesday that this thing continues to drive to the north and runs parallel to us. as we go from wednesday into thursday, models are in good agreement that it's going to make a turn to the right. meaning it's not a landfall event for us and not even a landfall for areas like cape cod. after thursday, as we go into the weekend, some models go south and some off to the east. there's not a lot of agreement as to what may happen as we go into the weekend. but here's the good news. look at the official track overlaid on the water temperatures. that's around 80 degrees and that's what the hurricane needs to survive. once it goes north, it down grades to a tropical storm because it's low 70s for the water temperatures. so the thing is, once it drops south, the question is, could it
5:20 pm
start to power up again and that's what we'll watch through the weekend. but locally, as we go into tomorrow, storm impacts for the jersey shore and our delaware beaches, periodic showers, pockets of heavy rain are possible with moderate coastal flooding on tuesday evening. beach erosion is likely. gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour at the shore. inland, say in philadelphia, gusts around 30. so it's a windy day. let's talk more about the tidal flooding and moderate coastal flooding is possible. 7:45 in atlantic city. close to 8:19 in cape may. this is what we'll watch tomorrow evening for the areas more flood to flooding starting to experience that. showers are possible tonight and into tomorrow. that's when we'll feel the rain band pushing forward.
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we're looking at the steadiest raineer the shore and showers start to spread into parts of i-95 category and bucks county, not much in terms of rain. those are pockets of heavier rain possible periodically. we've gone the way through the evening hours and we're starting to breakdown the showers as jose starts to move off to the east. as we get into wednesday, just clouds and a possible lingering shower down by the shore. let's shift gears. we're talking about maria. it's hard to see here because of the satellite overlay. it's about to make impact across the lessor an till lease and then over to puerto rico, here's the updated track. it's been tupgraded to a category 4 and it looks like right around wednesday is when it will possibly make landfall for puerto rico and then still a category 4. these are very warm waters to feed the hurricane.
5:22 pm
it hooks to the north. the question is, what will it do once it hooks to the north and that's what we'll watch right on through the weekend and potentially early next week as well. >> and with a potentially catastrophic hurricane bearing down on puerto rico, a celebration of hispanic heritage took place and it took on added meaning in center city today. >> we understand the desire. >> prayers were offered up during this morning's puerto rican flag-raising ceremony at the city hall. collections were taken up for the people of puerto rico. the island was mostly spared by hurricane irma but maria is now approaching and could be devastating. >> well, what we're looking at and focusing on is what is the after effects structurally and how we can come together to help come out of this not only weeks after but months after the impact. >> organizers of this collection drive hope to raise $100,000 for
5:23 pm
the people of puerto rico. well, we are closely watching hurricanes jose and maria but recovery efforts are still under way for hurricane irma. >> more than a dozen dogs rescued from florida just flew into our area. how you can help give them a forever home. first she was hospitalized after her philadelphia show and now lady gaga isç making a maj announcement about her world tour. that's next at 5:00. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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tonight, sending the message of peace and love through song. ♪ >> this is all part of peace day philly week. it's a local initiative for the united nations international day of peace which hopes to spread a message of peace and kindness. after being hospitalized following her concert in philadelphia, lady gaga is now postponing her european tour. the pop star announced the news this morning on twitter. gaga suffers from fibromyalgia, a condition that causes pain all over the body, sleep problems, fatigue, emotional and mental distress. >> the singer apologized and
5:27 pm
said she's a fighter and hopes to be back on the stage very soon. >> i hope she is. cracking down on college hazing. >> all new at 5:00, a high school football player ended up dying on his college campus. his parents want to make sure others don't go through the same thing. and we're continuing to track the tropics. we're keeping a close eye on jose and maria. the latest on the storm's path coming up. >> the winds picked up the bottom of the house and threw it on top of the rest of the house. >> two brothers escaped hurricane irma and are now safe in philadelphia. it's all thanks to one major music superstar. they talked only to nbc 10 coming up all new at 6:00.
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right now at 5:00, tracking the tropics. we're watching two hurricanes, hurricane maria is churning in the caribbean and is now a category 4 and hurricane jose is moving along the east coast. >> jose will remain off shore but you can see three surfers in cape may on those beaches. coastal flooding is the main threat. in delaware, jose whips up large waves and high winds and dangerous surf. there's a rip current risk. >> waves from hurricane jose
5:31 pm
took over parts of the north carolina coast. surfers were out in full at nags head at the outer banks. more than a dozen surfers showed up to ride those waves. they may look fun but they can be very dangerous. >> we have team coverage with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, bring us up to date on hurricane jose first. >> jose is barely a hurricane and it's staying off shore, which is good news on both fronts. thunderstorms are developing near the center. so it's still a tropical system. it's tracking up to the north now and then it will go up to the northeast. the closest point to new jersey may be about 200 miles off shore for the center of it. but hurricanes are not just a point or a line on a map.
5:32 pm
they are big, big things and cover a wide area and that's why we're going to get some showers from it and we're going to get some gusty winds and coastal flooding. the more serious conditions at the jersey shore and delaware beaches, this is through thursday morning because it will take a while for the ocean to calm down, moderate coastal flooding at the time of high tide. tomorrow evening is when it's going to be worse at the shore. maria is a much stronger storm and krystal will tell but that. >> that was just upgraded to a category 4 hurricane. ly so look at the updated track here moving towards puerto rico into the early a.m. hours on wednesday. still a category 4 hurricane. look at the winds, very powerful, 150 miles per hour as it edges towards puerto rico. it could wobble anywhere around
5:33 pm
this cone. landfall is not a guarantee but then it starts to pass north of hispanola towards the turks & caicos and through the bahamas through saturday. from there, it will be a question about how it interacts with hurricane jose as it heads to the east of the u.s. that is a path that irma took and you can see how close they are here in puerto rico and the leeward islands. this is worst than irma was. two feet of rain is possible. >> you can stay up to date on is the hurricane with alerts directly sent to your phone from our nbc app. and in cape may county, vacation pictures got this man into a lot of legal trouble.
5:34 pm
the state attorney general says robert posted pictures of himself zip lining but he works for the post office ands with collecting workers compensation for a wrist injury. now he's charged with theft and insurance fraud. in new castle county, residents of one apartment complex say they are being overrun by roaches. video taken inside these apartments in brookside show the uninvited guests. the bugs have been a problem for years. they can't have friends or family come over. >> i would not go somewhere for them to cook me a meal if i knew they had cockroaches in their house. i don't want the world to know but it's not like i brought this on. >> the company that manages the complex says it is aware of the problem and is treating the building and says residents can be sometimes part of the issue by keeping food out. speaking of new castle
5:35 pm
valley, there are a dozen new arrivals today, dogs impacted by hurricane irma. 18 dogs air lifted from two different counties were animals rescued during and after the hurricane have exceeded the capacity of the local shelters. they have taken in over 150 animals from florida and from texas. >> with what's been happening, they want to give these animals home. we've been seeing for the most part adoptions within a day or two. >> the dogs will be medically assessed, spayed or neutered as soon as tomorrow. thomas edison state university renames their building after george a. pruitt. he's served as president of thomas edison since 1982.
5:36 pm
four college students, including one from our area, attacked with acid in france. how the students are doing tonight and new video of a deadly crash between two buses. the one critical factor investigators are concerned about. plus, delaware first responders are better prepared to save you during an emergency. the life-saving tool that they are now carrying.
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a chester county woman attacked with acid in france is staying there to finish her semester abroad. courtney sterling from chester springs is one of four boston college students attacked yesterday at a train station in the southern city of marseille. the school says all four are doing well. a woman has been arrested. police say she's mentally ill and this was not a terror attack. nothing but a ball of flames after a taxi crashed into this barrier ramp in pen's landing. investigators are trying to figure out what led to the crash. sky force 10 flew over the scene the taxi driver was the only one inside. he was taken to the hospital. security camera video shows the moment a charter bus collided with a new york city bus. it happened in queens around 6:30 this morning. the impact pushed the charter bus onto a sidewalk and into a
5:40 pm
bus sparking a fire. three people were killed and more than a dozen people were hurt. one victim was walking to work. authorities are concerned about the speed of the charter bus as it spun the other bus around. investigators say it would take a lot of speed for that to happen. elsewhere, communities in st. louis are on edge tonight after three days of protests have turned into nights of violence. this morning, demonstrators took to the street for the fourth straight day. people were arrested after a protest turned violent following the acquittal of a white police officer accused of killing a black man. another protest is planned for tonight sparking fears of more violence and vandalism. a suicide prevention town hall attracted a big audience from university city today.
5:41 pm
mental health educators and doctors met with the community at children's hospital. they discussed how to prevent teen suicide and how area colleges are working to stop students from taking their own lives. nbc 10 looked at suicide in our community. our award winning report, preventing suicide, breaking the silence explores the often taboo topic and what we all can do to family. you can watch the special report right now on into making sure first responders are ready to step in and save a life. >> and it's all thanks to a local pharmacy. members in green hill pharmacy announced the new plan that would let firefighters carry r carry narcan when they respond to the overdoses. they will offer it to county
5:42 pm
officials at a lower price. >> this effort today may just save one life, two lives, ten lives across our county and so it will be worth it. >> the county is also pitching in. they are spending more than $19,000 to buy narcan for fire departments. >> well, the birds are brushing off their first loss of the season and now they are eyeing the new york giants. marshall? >> the eagles offense showed some holes yesterday and i'm not talking about the kind that a running back can go through. doug pederson talked about whether his team is a work in progress as they get set for the home opener against the giants. that's next. we've seen the clouds moving through today. next up, the wind and rain and for the shore points, a little more than that. i want to talk about all of the impacts from hurricane jose and what maria is doing over the
5:43 pm
caribbean coming up. are you safe on septa? the third accident in nine months. nbc 10 investigators get answers about the string of struggles, all new at 6:00.
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5:45 pm
the eagles are 1-1 after their loss to the chiefs but they are looking ahead to the new york giants on sunday. marshall, time to rebound? >> the lack of a run game and perhaps it was for lack of trying. going forward, the eagles need to establish that ground game. and overwhelming theme, more balance in the office.
5:46 pm
and asked due to the use of the team, if the birds are indeed a work in progress. >> we have young guys playing a lot of football which down the road is going to pay off for us but at the same time, as coaches listen, we're also very critical and want to make sure that these guys are coached up and playing right and doing the right thing. we'll evaluate it this week in practice and as we go, but we're not going to make any changes and we're going to keep going. >> whether too much pressure is being put on carson wentz with that lopsided play calling and what happened with the home opener against the giants. >> marshall, thanks. a local olympian goes back
5:47 pm
to school today. he competes in skeleton, where the athletes race on a sled face first hitting speeds of 80 miles an hour. >> that's actually what most people say. >> good point. crumpton won't know if he made the olympic team until two weeks before the games begin. and we're less than 150 days away from the winter olympics in pyeongchang. now to the weather, cloudy and breezy. this is a live look at society hill near the ben franklin bridge. the view from cape may where you can expect high winds and surf, too. it could be dangerous out there.
5:48 pm
>> surf is already picking up in rehoboth beach, delaware. the waves are only going to get bigger. >> don't get in the waters and at least today it's gray and gloomy and take a look at our radar and satellite. clouds are spilling in ahead of some of the moisture that moves in from jose. you can see the rain bands now in view from our radar but this is still a bit of a ways out. the storm center still hundreds of miles away and you can see the storm center still fairly strong. this is a category 1 hurricane that will move to the north meaning it will be running parallel to us. currently, winds are at 75 miles an hour. let's take a look at the track here as we move throughout the next couple of days. right on through our tuesday and into early wednesday, category 1 hurricane. there it is. running perfectly parallel to
5:49 pm
us. it could be only about 200 miles away. it's going to start to make that turn to the right and the national hurricane center has a looking downward as we go thursday through saturday. and half an inch to an inch of rain before the totals. more so, coastal flooding. it's moderate by tuesday evening high tide. gusts 30 to 40 miles per hour are possible. rip current risks for days to come and wave height up to 10 to 15 feet. we're talking double the current height. so let's look at the wind gusts. already, gusts close to 30 miles per hour at the shore and breezy, 20 miles per hour around
5:50 pm
philadelphia. gusts around 35 miles per hour for philly. it's a windy day. stronger gusts at the shoreline and delaware beaches. 25 to 45 miles per hour and they will start to weaken as we go into wednesday morning but the shore itself will likely still be windy even on wednesday. the hour-by-hour model for shower potential starts tomorrow morning. you can see the rain band approaching the shoreline. scattered showers and pockets of heavier rain possible at the coastal points and then it starts to breakdown by your tuesday evening. our high temperatures for tomorrow, you're going to feel the effects of the rain moving through only in the 70s tomorrow and look at the satellite for maria. there is passage right over or near puerto rico for wednesday, thursday into friday and then starting to hook to the north where becomes more of a question
5:51 pm
as to which direction it may go. into from underage drinking to physical attacks, there's a renewed push to end college hazing. >> why parents should be concerned if they're not hearing about hazing on their child's campus into plus, saved by a country music star. these brothers are here in philadelphia safe and sound after escaping hurricane irma. how kenny chesney rescued them. all new at 6:00. today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank, we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today. from advanced atms... to online banking... to our award winning mobile app. and if you prefer face-to-face, we have that too. ask me, terry goggans, how our balance of technology and people can help you.
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tonight we're looking at hazing on college campuses. four days ago, a freshman died at louisiana state university. in february, timothy piazza died after an alcohol-fueled party inside a penn state frat house. lauren mayk is joining me. >> she knows what is ahead for these families. she and her husband have been working to prevent it from happening again. the last journey home from school should not be in a casket. >> with hopes to manage a professional sports team when he died. >> they were required to consume massive amounts of alcohol. >> reporter: ten years after his death, his mom is still hearing
5:55 pm
stories that take her back, stories like that of tim pia sdplchpiazza. >> why do you think that we are now at a point where the federal government needs to get involved in this? >> talk to the piazza family who lost a son. >> we will educate students about first what inappropriate hazing is and then being second, where and how they can report it. third, the school itself needs to be a partner in cracking down on inappropriate activities like dangerous hazing. >> reporter: schools would be required to report this as part of an annual crime report. >> we know it's happening so now we need to get it reported. >> reporter: this center focuses on kids' safety and parents
5:56 pm
should look beyond the numbers at policies and education. >> if the campus is showing zero reports of hazing, that's a red flag that it might not be being talked about. >> reporter: they also encourage parents and students to think of hazing as anything that can cause harm both physically or mentally. >> it's just something that is being done on the side, on the sly, they have to, you know, go behind security, do it late at night, anything that doesn't sound right, it has to be -- you have to say no. >> she is now focused on getting legislation passed, like the one being co-sponsored by the congressman. that's a bipartisan bill. he's a republican and co-sponsor from ohio is a democrat. keith? >> lauren mayk, thank you. nbc 10 news at 6:00 is next. all new at 6:00, more trouble on the train.
5:57 pm
>> a septa derailment. the third in recent months. what the rail line is doing to keep you safe. plus -- >> kenny chesney, thank you so much. >> country music star kenny chesney saved two brothers from a hurricane. now they are here in philadelphia talking only to nbc 10 about his grand gesture to rescue them. and i'm tracking a pair of hurricanes tonight. one impacting one part of our area and the other about to slam puerto rico. what to expect with both storms in my most accurate forecast. fran grenier.
5:58 pm
new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney.
5:59 pm
if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier. right now, trouble in puerto rico. jose and maria are swirling tonight. gusty winds and flooding. and in the caribbean, the threat of disaster once again.
6:00 pm
good evening. hurricane jose is threatening part of our area. you can see both storms churning on the first alert radar. maria is rapidly incense tensif with winds of 100 miles an hour. meantime, jose is churning in the atlantic off the jersey shore. >> we've issued a first alert for the shore and delaware beaches from now through thursday. we're expecting heavy rain, wind gusts and coastal flooding. >> our first alert weather team is tracking both of these threats with live team coverage. ted greenberg is feeling jose's impact this evening. we will begin with glenn "hurricane" schw


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